COVID-19 Recovery Strategies: Healthcare Solutions

The healthcare industry has experienced extreme disruption and faces many unique challenges in how to move forward. While no one solution can fit all needs, we hope that this section on our website can help guide you through what we consider to be the key strategies healthcare organizations can use to recover and thrive.

If you have questions about what strategies apply to your organization’s situation, please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. We are happy to talk through your unique situation.

Solution Center

Cash Flow Analysis & Planning

Cash flow is one of the biggest areas that impact a healthcare organization’s ability to reopen, recover, and thrive in our “new normal.”

Revenue & Funding

Healthcare organizations need to stay informed on the options available to them for funding and how to maximize reimbursement benefit.

Patient Care Considerations

Healthcare organizations can overcome current challenges by identifying opportunities for long-term solutions that can improve patient care.


provider relief funds update

Provider Relief Funds Weekly Update: New FAQs

Provider Relief Funds Update Last week HHS updated their FAQ’s for the first time in almost a month. We did learn that the period to incur COVID-19 expenses and lost revenues is still set to end on 6/30/21 and there was no mention of an extended time period. For now, HHS is moving ahead with […]

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American Rescue Plan Act

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

Weekly PRF Update There still have been no updates from HHS for reporting on PRF payments for the 2020 calendar year, but the passage of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act of 2021 offered new details on the requirements for a new round of PRF payments. Section 1150C appropriates another $8.5B to the Provider Relief […]

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COVID-19 Expense

COVID-19 Expense Reporting Categories

The past few weeks have continued to be slow with very little new information on the Provider Relief Fund (PRF) reporting requirements. HHS released four new FAQs on 2/24/21 surrounding COVID-19 expense reporting. The theme among these FAQs is that HHS expects PRF payments to be used for unreimbursed costs and that when claiming COVID-19 costs, […]

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PRF Payments: What You’ll Be Able to Keep

PRF Weekly Update The past few weeks have been quiet with no new information from HHS regarding the Provider Relief Fund (PRF) and reporting requirements. The last FAQs were posted in late January as we await the opening of the reporting portal. This week we wanted to focus on determining how much of your organization’s […]

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Numerous FAQs were updated and modified this week, but none were entirely new. They offered a few additions to the January 15, 2021 Post Payment Reporting Notice with two items of note:

New Provider Relief Fund FAQs and Talking Points for Your Organization

Another quiet week on the Provider Relief Fund updates from HHS. Numerous FAQs were updated and modified this week, but none were entirely new. They offered a few additions to the January 15, 2021 Post Payment Reporting Notice with two items of note: A question was asked if only April and May 2020 lost revenues […]

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post payment reporting

Post Payment Reporting: Focus on Registration

We’ve had a quiet week on HHS updates after the January 15th revisions to the post payment reporting. No new FAQs were published either. With inauguration day last Wednesday, we’re awaiting information from the incoming HHS administration. In lieu of other updates, our primary take away for the week is to ensure that you register your […]

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