Blue Foundation

Giving back to our communities.

The Blue Foundation is a charitable, nonprofit organization and serves as an extension of Blue & Co.’s existing philanthropic activities. The Blue Foundation’s principal mission is to impact the lives of people in the communities we serve.

Scholarships Awarded

In 2021, the Blue Foundation awarded 10 students at 5 different schools throughout the Midwest with scholarships to assist in the advancement of their education.

Lives Impacted

With all the contributions made by Blue and its employees, the Blue Foundation helped change the lives of more than 100 individuals in 2021.

Grants Approved

In 2021, the Blue Foundation awarded over 20 grants to individuals and local nonprofit organizations nominated by Blue employees who had or have a personal connection/relationship with those grant recipients.

See a Need. Solve a Need.

The primary mission of the Blue Foundation is to impact the lives of individuals on a personal/local level. Our goal is to have a direct and tangible impact in the communities where we live and serve. The Blue Foundation has already made a significant impact in so many individuals’ lives including:

  • Assistance with medical bills
  • Relief aid for natural disaster victims
  • Funeral expenses for unexpected deaths
  • Scholarships for students in need
  • Funds to assist in the resettlement of displaced individuals

Scholarship Fund

The Blue Foundation has worked with 6 different universities to provide $5,000 in scholarships to students. We work with the university’s staff to award these scholarships as needed, and will soon have our own application process. Students going into their junior year of college with a GPA of 3.0 and in an accounting/finance major qualify for these scholarships.

Blue Foundation Grants

The Blue Foundation has three different programs for consideration of internal grant applications:

  • Individual Needs Program – assisting persons or individuals in need during a difficult time/situation
  • Partnership Path Program – working with other nonprofit organizations or groups of individuals in providing support for a larger cause
  • Foundation Projects Program – providing in-need students with scholarship dollars to aid in furthering their education

These varying programs allow us to impact local organizations and individual community members in need in various ways in a timely and effective manner. We are responsive and intentional in the grants were providing; some meeting and solving short-term problems while others are supporting larger, more long-term causes.

Friends of the Foundation

Below are some of the amazing organizations that the Blue Foundation has granted funds to in an effort to impact the lives of one or many people:

  • Dove Recovery House
  • Exodus Refugee Immigration, Inc.
  • GRID Alternatives Colorado
  • LexUNITE – LEE Initiative
  • Local Boys & Girls Clubs
  • The SON Foundation