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Few business and personal challenges can be more frustrating than working with the Internal Revenue Code, especially with the new changes imposed by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Understanding that code and finding opportunities in it takes a full-time commitment. Our tax professionals have the commitment necessary to give you peace of mind.

At Blue & Co., we combine a thorough knowledge of tax law with experience we’ve gained through years of working with individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts, and not-for-profits. We provide tax planning strategies that work to minimize your tax liability and help you keep more of what you earn.

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Tax Filing Deadline Reminder to Non-Profit Organizations

Tax Filing Deadlines Are Not Extended For Most Non-Profit Organizations

While the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) postponed the tax deadline for individuals and corporations and allowed deferral of tax payments, this same relief was not extended to tax-exempt organizations.  According to the IRS Notice 2020-18 issued by the IRS, “No extension is provided in this notice for the payment or deposit of any other type […]

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Do your rental activities qualify you as a real estate professional for tax purposes?

Do your rental activities qualify you as a real estate professional for tax purposes?

By Alan Zgoda For Real Estate Professionals (REPs), two of the most important questions asked for tax purposes are, “Did I materially participate?” and “Is this a rental activity or not?” For better or worse, the answers to these questions can completely change how you are treated for tax purposes. In 2019, two court cases […]

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Partnership Capital Accounts: 2018 Changes and Notice 2019-66

By Miranda Aavatsmark Who has not frantically awoken from a bad dream in the middle of the night and been relieved to realize that it was not real? I have a reoccurring dream (nightmare) that I either have to go back to college and retake classes or sit for the CPA exam again. I used […]

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