Managed Care Contracting

How confident are you that you are getting paid fair market value for your services?

At Blue & Co., our team utilizes a six-step process to provide support throughout the entire contract review process. From reviewing your contracts, to developing a negotiation strategy, our team of experts are here to make sure you get paid what you should.

To learn more about our Managed Care Contracting services, please reach out to one of our experts: Nick Ficklin, Michael Montgomery, or Michael Koeninger or contact your local Blue & Co. Advisor.

6 Step Payor Contract Analysis

1. Guardrail Development

2. Payor Matrix Development

3. Score Matrix

4. Develop Negotiation Strategy

5. Negotiate Contract

6. FIT – Finalize, Inform, and Track

For more information on this process, please fill out the form below to download our pdf handout.

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