Outpatient Therapy

Outpatient Therapy is rarely on the list of top priorities for hospital leadership. Historically, they have been viewed as an ancillary service, a cost center…something the hospital must provide. While most hospital-based therapy services have moved right along to meet the clinical needs of the patients who are referred to them, many have not been positioned for strategic growth.

Blue & Co.’s Outpatient Therapy services provides both Assessment and Implementation Guidance to help hospitals understand their revenue and growth opportunities and facilitate changes in processes and behaviors to achieve them. We recently worked with a system whose net revenue is up by 35% in two years. The growth is attributed to our guidance of the implementation. A smaller hospital we worked with in 2016 is showing an increase in billable procedures by 43% and has moved into a much larger space. We provided this service to one client over fifteen years ago and they continue to reap the benefit each year.


Meet Our Outpatient Therapy Expert

John Britt, Senior Manager

John Britt has delivered critical consulting support to leadership and management teams across the country. He has a passion for helping his clients achieve optimal, sustainable results in the areas of revenue cycle, referral development, and organizational alignment. Certified in healthcare’s Lean methodologies, his depth of consulting experience includes both small hospitals and large-scale healthcare systems.​

John supports clients by providing assessment and implementation services that focuses on profitable growth of hospital-based therapy services. His consulting efforts has assisted over 600 healthcare clients identify and realize millions of dollars in revenue. ​

John is a member of Healthcare Financial Management Association and is a frequent contributor to hfm and other HFMA publications. He has coauthored Who Killed Change?, with Ken Blanchard, and Who Kidnapped Excellence?, with Harry Paul.​

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Implementation Matters, Positive Business Outcomes Increased

I was surprised to find that their consultants had both a clinical background and deep experience in managing therapy services. Their approach was non-threatening; that is, they came with an intent to understand our business improvement opportunities but they did so in a manner that showed the highest level of respect for me and the therapy staff.

Personalized Action Plan, Ensuring the Best Outcomes for Your Health System

Blue helped take us to the next level by maximizing our profitability, capitalizing on the services we were already providing, and providing ways to grow our referral base even within our own hospital system. Our consultant helped tighten up our processes, regulatory standards, compliance, and overall patient documentation.

Transformation & Longevity, Multi-Hospital System Reaping Benefits Years Later

The engagement helped get our corporate stakeholders’ attention and shine the light on the valuable services we were providing. The immediate impact of additional, true net revenue with John and his team’s charge capture processes and training was transformational. Team members immediately related and changed behaviors demonstrating results within weeks.

Outpatient Therapy Services Overview

  • Capacity Analysis
  • Charge Capture Analysis
  • Operations Analysis
  • Referral Development
  • Revenue Cycle Analysis
  • Visit Management Improvement
  • Productivity Review

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