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We are reaching new heights.

Higher education is facing many unique challenges, such as additional regulation, unfunded compliance costs, and market competition. We believe that your focus should be on serving your students and carrying out your mission, and we’re here to support you in doing so.

Our specialized team actively monitors both the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the Government Accounting Standards Board and is in constant communication when changes arise. Our audit services go beyond simply complying with a requirement. We treat each engagement as a chance to explore innovative opportunities for your institution to continue to achieve success.

Whether you’re looking to comply with new regulations, trying to get a handle on risk management, or need help with IT security and assessments, we will help your institution reach new heights.

Services Overview

Consulting Services

  • Implementation of new audit and accounting standards
  • Benchmarking
  • Improved tracking of restricted resources
  • Bond issue analysis
  • Consulting on budget preparations
  • Cost allocation between funds and programs
  • Identification of best practices resulting from form 990
  • Financing alternatives
  • Corporate sponsorship and royalty transactions
  • Structuring of transactions between related entities
  • Accounting and financial reporting systems design and interpretation
  • Internal control process review
  • Arbitrage rebate calculation

Tax Planning and Preparation

  • Unrelated business income planning
  • Exempt status consulting
  • Information return preparation
  • Forms 990, 990-T, and 5500

Audit and Assurance Services

  • Financial
  • A-133
  • Financial aid audits
  • 403(b) plans

Other As-Needed Management Consulting Projects

Federal Perkins Loan Program Update

Federal Perkins Loan Program Update

Updates to the Federal Perkins Loan Program continue as the Department of Education (“Department”) proceeds to wind down the program. During the fall, the Department issued several announcements including literature on the reimbursement for Perkins Service Cancellation, distributions of assets from the Revolving Loan Fund, and the assignment of Perkins Loan in default for two […]

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Exempt Organization Public Disclosure and Availability Requirements

Exempt Organization Public Disclosure and Availability Requirements

It’s pretty well known that exempt organizations’ current Form 990s or equivalent filings (990-EZ, 990-PF, etc.) are required to be available for public inspection. However, did you know these public disclosure requirements extend to the organization’s three most recent Form 990s or equivalent filings, the organization’s application for tax exempt status (Form 1023/1024) filed with […]

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