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Leadership Structure

With around 50 directors, you can imagine the need for a little bit of structure. Here’s how we keep things organized:

Firm Leadership

At the top of our firm leadership team, we have the Executive Committee. This is a committee of three directors who are elected to serve three-year terms. In addition to the Executive Committee, we also have a Managing Director. The Executive Committee and Managing Director work as a system of checks and balances to provide the firm with policy, strategic planning, and management.

Behind the scenes are the members of our C-Suite — a Chief Financial Officer, Chief People Officer, and Chief Growth Officer — who help oversee the management of administrative functions on a firm-wide level.

Office Leadership

In addition to our firm leadership, each office has a Director-in-Charge that is elected by the directors at that location. This person is responsible for the day-to-day management decisions and activities of that office.

Niche Leadership

We also have directors that hold positions in charge of departments within offices, industry specialty groups, and key functional areas.