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As the uncertainty of the impacts of COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues, many organizations are reevaluating remote work contingency plans, and more organizations are being forced into remote work scenarios, whether or not they’re ready. The need to enact Remote Work IT Services has never been higher.

When evaluating remote work plans, business leaders should consider all of the tools necessary to implement this change in the work model. Details about options available are below.

If you have questions or would like to discuss your organization’s options, please complete this form to connect with Tom Skoog, the leader of our Cybersecurity & Data Management practice.

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Complete a Remote Work Readiness Assessment
Assess your capability to implement a remote working model & identify other provisions you need to make to allow for this contingency plan.

Provision Your Licenses
Blue & Co. is an authorized reseller of multiple software solutions including Microsoft. We can provision the licenses for you and get you up and running in a short amount of time.

Get Training for Your Teams
Blue & Co. can assist you in getting your organization trained on the use of technology (including Microsoft Teams) onsite or remotely.

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