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Medicare Administrative Contractors: Audit Trend

How to Protect Dual Eligible Reimbursement from Audit Scrutiny

In the past year, there has been a new audit trend emerging amongst MACs (Medicare Administrative Contractors). In some cases, this trend has led to significant decreases in crossover reimbursement due to audit adjustments.

Adjustments are occurring when providers are unable to support and prove Medicaid was re-billed after Medicare recouped and reissued a claim. This explains why Medicare Administrative Contractors are requesting account histories & all Medicaid remits during audit.

In a previous article Blue released, we discussed the importance of rebilling Medicaid after Medicare recoups and reissues a claim. They DO NOT automatically cross back over to Medicaid. Responsibility thus lies with the provider to ensure Medicaid is re-billed. This has put an additional burden on providers, as rebilling Medicaid is a manual process.

Unfortunately, it appears that this audit trend will be sticking around for the foreseeable future. Crossover bad debts can be the greater part of a provider’s reimbursement, therefore protecting these dollars from audit scrutiny is more important than ever.

Key Questions to Ask Your Team:

As your organization starts to think about how you will be dealing with this new audit trend, our team came up with two questions you should be discussing.

  1. Are you re-billing Medicaid when there is a recoupment or reissuance of a Medicare claim?
  2. Are all Medicaid remittances retained, including denials?

To safeguard & maximize your Medicare bad debt reimbursement or for more information, please contact your local Blue & Co. advisor.

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