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5 Common Mistakes Contractors Make Using QuickBooks

5 Common Mistakes Contractors Make Using Quickbooks

Ever wonder why you have costs running through your revenue accounts or why your office manager’s wages are running through your direct labor account? Below is a list of common […]

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Beware of Tax Identity Theft All Year Long

Beware Of Tax-Related Identity Theft Scams All Year Long

With the filing date for 2017 in the rearview mirror for most businesses and individuals, the last thing you probably want to think about is income taxes. Unfortunately, though, criminals […]

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Pass-Through Deduction: Looking Forward

The Pass-through Deduction – Looking Forward

By Miranda Aavatsmark It’s 11:00 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, 2017 and I’m ready for a relaxing evening.  My day started with checking my email and fretting that something was […]

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Do you need to adjust your withholding for 2018?

Do You Need To Adjust Your Withholding For 2018?

If you received a large refund after filing your 2017 income tax return, you’re probably enjoying the influx of cash. But a large refund isn’t necessarily all positive. It also […]

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Get started on 2018 tax planning today

Get Started On 2018 Tax Planning Today!

Now is the time to start tax planning for 2018 for maximum tax savings. It’s especially critical to get an early start this year because the Tax Cuts and Jobs […]

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How to identify missed opportunities

How To Identify Missed Opportunities

To give patients the best service possible, many physicians end up performing multiple services in one visit. This is great for the patient, but can lead to lost dollars and […]

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Deciphering Between Contributions and Exchange Transactions

How To Decipher Between Contributions And Exchange Transactions

Nonprofit organizations have various sources of revenue, and one of the trickiest areas of financial reporting for a nonprofit organization is distinguishing an item as a contribution or an exchange […]

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Looking forward: Blockchain and Healthcare

Looking Forward: Blockchain And Healthcare

Blockchain is beginning to garner more and more attention in the business media and being touted as the next transformative use of technology across many industries, including healthcare. The most […]

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How to improve data analytics and audit quality

How To Improve Data Analytics And Audit Quality

Big Data and improving data analytics has been a noteworthy topic for businesses across many industries, but what does it mean and how does it apply to your audit? Data […]

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Individual Tax Document Retention Guidelines

Individual Tax Record Retention Guidelines

What 2017 tax records can you toss once you’ve filed your 2017 return? That’s easy – none. You need to hold on to all of your 2017 tax records for […]

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You can still defer tax with a "like-kind" exchange but new limits apply

You Can Still Defer Tax With A “Like-Kind” Exchange But New Limits Do Apply

Normally when appreciated business assets such as real estate are sold, tax is owed on the appreciation. But there’s a way to defer this tax: a Section 1031 “like-kind” exchange. […]

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Important deadlines for the rest of 2018

Important Deadlines For The Rest Of 2018

While April 15 (April 17 this year) is the main tax deadline on most individual taxpayers’ minds, there are others throughout the rest of the year that you should be […]

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These tax credits for small businesses could reduce your 2017 & 2018 tax bills

These Tax Credits Just For Small Businesses Could Reduce Your 2017 & 2018 Tax Bills

Maximizing available credits is especially important now that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has reduced or eliminated some tax breaks for businesses. There are two still-available tax credits for […]

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Update from the AHIMA Advocacy Summit 2018

Update From The AHIMA Advocacy Summit 2018

The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) held its annual Advocacy Summit in Washington, DC on March 19-20, 2018. Members from all over the country came together to inspire leadership […]

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What to know before hiring temporary help

What To Know Before Hiring Temporary Help

Before hiring temporary help, it is important to determine if the individual hired will be an employee or an independent contractor. Proper classification between the two is critical for many […]

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Vsimple and Hearn Construction Workflow Management Webinar

On-Demand Webinar: Vsimple Success Stories – Hearn Construction

Blue & Co. and Vsimple hosted a webinar on Tuesday, December 6, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. EST entitled Workflow Management: How Hearn Construction is Standardizing & Simplifying Their […]

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On-Demand Webinar: Myths and Facts of Commercial Loan Reviews

Download Webinar Resources On April 6, Blue & Co. held a webinar entitled Myths and Facts of Commercial Loan Reviews. Panelists debunked common loan review myths and presented the facts […]

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Webinar: A Guide to the Kentucky Tangible Personal Property Tax Return for Manufacturers

You’re Invited Join Blue & Co. on Wednesday, February 9 at 12:00 PM EST for a webinar entitled A Guide to the Kentucky Tangible Personal Property Tax Return for Manufacturers. This presentation […]

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Tax Reform Distillery

Webinar: Tax Reform – What Does it Mean for You and Your Distillery?

You’re Invited! Join Blue & Co. and the Kentucky Distillers’ Association (KDA) on Thursday, December 9 at 10:00 AM EST for a webinar entitled Tax Reform: What does it mean for […]

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Pile of blue masks | Vaccine Mandates in the Workplace | COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates in the Workplace | COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

On-Demand Webinar: COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate in the Workplace

President Biden’s administration recently announced its Path Out of the Pandemic action plan which included specific guidance around a COVID-19 vaccine mandate. The action plan calls for employers with 100 […]

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COVID Vaccine Mandates & Your Organization Webinar

Join Us! Join Blue & Co., Current HR, and DBL Law on November 16th from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. EST for a webinar covering the new COVID vaccine mandates […]

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