Cyber Risks in the Construction Industry

What would you do if your company’s IT system was suddenly locked down, giving you no access to important job specs, bid documents, and even email communications? In early 2017, approximately 250,000 organizations across the globe experienced the crippling effects of the cyber attack known as WannaCry. But could it have been prevented?

Blue & Co. IT Advisory Team Leader, Tom Skoog, discusses the main cyber risks facing construction companies, common ways criminals attack companies, and steps that can be taken to protect your information assets.

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Cyber Risks in the Construction Industry

Big Changes Coming to Individual 2018 Tax Returns; and Not Just the Look of the Forms!

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) was the biggest tax overhaul we have experienced since 1986.  While much of the publicity was around simplifying the code and the forms for individuals, you will notice some major changes in how your tax liability is calculated this year. Let’s discuss three of the big changes (not […]

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LLC members & self-employment taxes

LLC Members & Self-Employment Taxes

When it comes to self-employment taxes, an LLC member is not necessarily in the same boat as a limited partner. The IRS is cracking down on LLC members who underreport their SE income by erroneously claiming they are similar to a limited partner of a Partnership. Facts and circumstances play a key role in making […]

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The #1 issue facing construction companies (still) (1)

The #1 Issue (Still) Facing Construction Companies

Workforce development continues to be a major issue facing the construction industry. The fact that it has remained a top issue for the past several years shows it is not going away, and solutions are slow to come. When we talk to construction company clients and ask them how it’s going, many of them say, […]

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