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The COVID-19 pandemic presented many challenges to healthcare organizations when it came to providing patient care. Not only did organizations have to keep their patients safe, but they also had to take care of their employees.Many organizations did this, by beginning or updating their practice of telehealth.

Now, as COVID starts to become a distant memory, patients are seeing the benefits of telehealth and are expecting their healthcare organizations to provide these services. But while Telehealth is an excellent way to expand your ability to serve patients, it comes with regulation and risk.

If you have questions about how to implement a long-term telehealth solution for your organization or how to improve your current operations, our team of telehealth consulting experts can help.

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Telehealth Consulting Services Overview

  • Telehealth coding and billing assistance
  • Medical records documentation for telehealth services
  • Revenue Cycle implications regarding telehealth services
  • Review for compliance of provision of telehealth services
  • Telehealth assessments
  • Telehealth policies and procedures assistance

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