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Cyber Security Vulnerabilities for NFPs

Please see Updated Article for the latest in Cyber Security A hot topic of many conversations recently has been cyber security. Are not-for-profit organizations at risk? If so, what should […]

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Blockchain Applications In Manufacturing

The most common use of blockchain today is for the variety of crypto-currencies in circulation around the world, including Bitcoin. However, several industries have begun to look at how blockchain […]

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Looking Forward: Blockchain And Healthcare

Blockchain is beginning to garner more and more attention in the business media and being touted as the next transformative use of technology across many industries, including healthcare. The most […]

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Cyber Security for Not-For-Profits

Data breaches can occur in any organization, and not-for-profits (NFPs) are not immune. Oftentimes NFPs can be at risk because their systems are not up-to-date or are simplistic in nature. […]

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IRS 501(r) Compliance: Financial Assistance Policy and Amounts Generally Billed Calculation

Non-profit hospital organizations as defined by Section 501(c)(3) must meet requirements imposed by Section 501(r) on a facility-by-facility basis to be treated as a tax-exempt organization. According to the Internal Revenue […]

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Hospital Price Transparency: What’s New in 2024 and Beyond

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has introduced significant changes to the requirements for hospital price transparency. The aim is to enhance pricing transparency and ensure compliance with […]

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building and using insurance reserves

Building and Using Insurance Reserves for Sustainability

By Annmarie Novotney, CPA, Director at Blue & Co. Not-for-profit organizations have been dealing with changing circumstances on many fronts over the last five years. Part of this changing landscape […]

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