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Social Media Policies

By: Ashley Jones, CPA , Senior Accountant Many businesses, including not-for-profits, are taking advantage of social media to promote marketing and solicit donations. Social media has proven to be an […]

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What Women Want – and Why Nonprofits Should Care

By: Ashley Jones, Staff Accountant When creating a marketing strategy, not-for-profits (NFPs) need to identify their target audience for soliciting donations. “The 2011 Study of High Net Worth Women’s Philanthropy […]

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Jeopardizing Tax Exempt Status – Part One

By: Chad Robinson, CPA, Senior Accountant Note: This article begins a three-part series discussing issues that may jeopardize an organization’s tax exempt status. Part one will provide an overall discussion […]

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When to Recognize a Promise to Give as Revenue

By: Stephen Clements, CPA, Senior Manager For most nonprofit organizations, revenues result from either program revenues, for example, when services are performed to earn revenue, or contribution revenues, such as […]

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Acceptance of Donor’s Investment Manager

By Mike Gricius, CPA – Manager Not-for-profit organizations are starting to field more requests from donors to use the investment firm of their choice to manage assets contributed rather than using […]

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Importance of a Fraud Risk Assessment

By: Steve Ritzer, CPA, CFE, Manager A fraud risk assessment is vital because it allows a company to analyze each of its business processes for the associated risks. A company’s […]

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IRS 501(r) Compliance: Financial Assistance Policy and Amounts Generally Billed Calculation

Non-profit hospital organizations as defined by Section 501(c)(3) must meet requirements imposed by Section 501(r) on a facility-by-facility basis to be treated as a tax-exempt organization. According to the Internal Revenue […]

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Hospital Price Transparency: What’s New in 2024 and Beyond

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has introduced significant changes to the requirements for hospital price transparency. The aim is to enhance pricing transparency and ensure compliance with […]

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building and using insurance reserves

Building and Using Insurance Reserves for Sustainability

By Annmarie Novotney, CPA, Director at Blue & Co. Not-for-profit organizations have been dealing with changing circumstances on many fronts over the last five years. Part of this changing landscape […]

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