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Blue Benefits Consulting, Inc., a Blue & Co. entity, is positioned to help your company meet its retirement plan objectives.

We actively monitor the laws that relate to pension administration and keep you informed of its impact. Our innovative ideas and efficient administration services are designed to keep your plan running smoothly, whether you need a new plan or modifications to an existing plan.

Services Overview

Installation Services

  • Plan design tailored to the needs of your company and employees
  • Consultation with your financial consultant and your attorney to finalize plan provisions
  • Assistance maximizing tax advantages
  • Communication of plan provisions to your employees

Recordkeeping Services

  • Employer contribution calculation
  • Income allocation to employee accounts
  • Application of forfeitures according to your plan
  • Roth 401(k) administration
  • Non-discrimination testing
  • Plan-to-plan rollovers
  • Participant statements to employees
  • Compilation of necessary information to file annually with the IRS

Consulting Services

  • Assistance with plan design and changes
  • Cost projections of various design alternatives
  • Assistance with governmental or external audits
  • Ongoing support when participants reach age 70½
  • Calculation of participant hardship withdrawal distributions
  • Reports of contribution deduction limits under Section 404 of the Internal Revenue Code
Covid-19 Relief_ Information for 401(k) and Retirement Plans

COVID-19 Relief: Information for 401(k) and Retirement Plans

by Mickie Murphy, Blue Benefits Consulting | This article was originally published on March 24th and was most recently updated on June 4th. It is being updated as new information becomes available.  We have answers to questions employers are asking about their plans: Changes to Plan Contributions Can employees stop their deferral contributions? Employees may […]

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Retirement Security: What's the right plan for your business?

Retirement Security: What’s the right plan for your business?

If you’re a small business owner or you’re involved in a start-up, you may want to set up a tax-favored retirement plan for yourself and any employees. Several types of plans are eligible for tax advantages. 401(k) Plan One of the best-known retirement plan options is the 401(k) plan. It provides for employer contributions made […]

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More Retirement Plan Options for Smaller Businesses

More Retirement Plan Options for Smaller Businesses

Small businesses now have more options available to them related to retirement plan participation.  The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has released a final rule which should make it easier for smaller businesses to provide retirement plans to their employees. According to the DOL, the rule will enable more small and midsize unrelated businesses to […]

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