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Barcode Features in QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Inventory

Our manufacturing clients use many different accounting and operation software packages. However, for those using QuickBooks, we want to point out some barcode features that have become available over the last few years in QuickBooks Enterprise without using a third-party application.

These barcode features require a QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum subscription and the Intuit Warehouse Manager App installed on a scanner. The scanner used can be a Zebra TC20 or TC25 or an Android device with a Bluetooth scanner. Without the Bluetooth scanner, an Android device cannot use the barcode features but can still use the app for picking and counts. The Zebra devices range in price from $400-$600 depending on additional features the device might have including camera quality and phone capabilities.

In order to use this feature, you need a wireless network for the device to access. The device loads information regarding your inventory to an Intuit server and then QuickBooks Enterprise downloads the information into your QuickBooks file.


In order to receive inventory, there must be a purchase order in QuickBooks. The warehouse manager or office person sends the purchase orders to the receiving clerk’s device. The receiving clerk scans the items and verifies that the quantities received agree with the purchase order. When the receiving clerk is finished, he or she sends the completed receipt to the QuickBooks file from their device.


The warehouse manager assigns orders to be picked to a warehouse worker referred to as the picker. The picker collects the items from the picklist on their scanners screen and scans the items using the mobile barcode scanner. At this point depending on the company’s process, the picker can pack the items for shipping or go on to the next pick.


If the company’s process uses a different warehouse employee for packing than the picker or has a complex packing process, then a separate packing ticket is sent to the packing employee on their mobile device.

Cycle Counts

The mobile device can also be used for cycle counts. The warehouse manager or office person sends a list of items to be counted to the counter’s mobile device. The employee counts the items and sends the counts back to the QuickBooks file. The office employee or warehouse manager reviews the counts and decides if any inventory adjustments need to be recorded.

The mobile devices enable the use of barcodes for greater accuracy when receiving, picking and performing cycle counts. These features may enhance your workflow depending on your specific processes.

Please contact Nancy Orben at norben@blueandco.com or contact your local Blue & Co. Advisor if you have questions about the Warehouse Manager App or QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Inventory.

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