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Annual Wellness Visits: Understanding the Value They Bring

Performing Annual Wellness Visits (AWV) provide a unique value that benefit your healthcare organization, providers and more importantly, your patients. AWVs aligns with population health management, and can identify any needs for additional patient services, including labs, imaging, procedures, and follow-up visits.

Benefits of AWVs

Annual Wellness Visits also improve quality impact and acuity scores, the patient’s loyalty to the provider and hospital system, the patient’s safety, and it reduces their health risks. AWVs can be performed virtually and have very good wRVUs for the providers. The financial values include being reimbursed $172 for initial AWVs, $130 for subsequent AWVs, and Rural Health Clinics have higher reimbursements. The benefits of performing AWVs include physician and staff alignment, improve workflows, increase patient screenings, and increase revenue.

Join Blue for an Annual Wellness Visits Webinar

Join Blue & Co. on Thursday July 27th from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. EST for a webinar discussing Medicare Annual Wellness Visits and the value they bring to healthcare organizations.

During the hour, our Annual Wellness Visit Experts, Brandon Bond and John Wortley, will cover:

  • What an Annual Wellness Visit is and isn’t
  • A Hospitals Touchpoints with AWVs
  • The Value AWVs can bring to a Healthcare Organization
  • How Blue & Co. can Help

This webinar is free to attend, and a recording and a copy of the presentation will be given out to all attendees. Sign up for the webinar here.
CPE: None
Duration: 1 hour

Contact Blue about AWVs

If you would like to learn more about Medicare Annual Wellness Visits, and how your organization can optimize them, please reach out to your local Blue & Co. advisor, or one of our AWV experts: Brandon Bond or John Wortley.

Brandon Bond, Senior Consultant

John Wortley, Senior Manager

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