Not-for-Profit Enews Update: Impact of Social Media on Non-Profit Organizations

by Stephanie Flora, CPA - Staff Accountant

June 5, 2014

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Social media has both positive and negative impacts on our society. When used appropriately, social media can provide a communication channel for non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations can use social media to promote their events, identify the mission of the organization, share success stories, and even solicit donations.

Many social media outlets are free to use which benefits non-profit organizations that may be very budget conscious. Social media is a tool that gives the organization an opportunity to be in touch with the community on a more regular basis without accumulating additional internal costs. It allows the organization to reach out to potential donors, volunteers, and even future employees.

When not-for-profits enter the world of social media, management should consider adopting a policy governing the use of communications referencing the organization. This policy should extend to employees’ use of social media when the organization is mentioned. The policy should provide guidelines for what staff should or shouldn’t post, define employee’s roles and responsibilities, identify your target group, and identify the social media channels (for example, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that will be used. Ultimately, the policy should serve to protect the organization’s privacy and to eliminate legal risks that may be involved.

Finding the right type of social media channels and campaigns that fit your organization’s needs and managing those appropriately and effectively is vital. In doing so your not-for-profit can create a positive impact on the organization's personnel and supporters, as well as the community-at-large.


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