Not-for-Profit Enews Update: Online Fundraising Continues to Grow

by Judy Ho - Staff Accountant

March 20, 2014

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Large non-profit organizations have been utilizing online donations to increase charitable giving through their websites and/or social media for some time now. These efforts continue to show results. According to a charitable giving report by software giant Blackbaud, online giving grew 13.5 % in 2013 and significantly boosted fundraising results. However, large non-profits are not the only organizations that can benefit from online giving. In fact, according to the Blackbaud report, whereas large organizations experienced the greatest increase in overall charitable giving, small nonprofits experienced the largest percentage increase in online giving. Thus any not-for-profit organization stands to increase its fundraising with these efforts.

There are many benefits to online giving, such as allowing your organization to communicate with your existing donors and to build relationships with new ones. It also appeals to donors who want to support your organization but do not have the time or inclination to go through a difficult donation process. Additionally, an added benefit of online giving is its ability to establish recurring donations which provide your organization with future contributions and thus, increased stability.

It is important to find the right mix of tools for your organization, including those most easily understood and utilized by your donor base. A recent article from, a website dedicated to emerging trends in the non-profit community, provides best practices of top not-for-profit organizations to gain donors and increase online giving. A sampling of these methods is as follows:

- Offer online giving options that are accessible via mobile devices

- Make the "Donate Now" button prominent on your website

- Ensure your donation form is branded with your organization's logo, mission, etc.

- Simplify your donation form (i.e. separate it from clutter on your site)

- Show giving levels on donation forms - Research shows this increases donations

- Encourage and offer options to receive recurring donations

- Place an opt-in checkbox on your form for donors to sign up for future emails and correspondence

- Provide "social proof" of other donors, amounts raised, etc. to provide potential donors added confidence

- Be "transparent" in your efforts - providing financial information on your website of contributed funds

- When appropriate, give donors a gift (based on giving levels) to show your appreciation

- Thank your donor with a confirmation page and an email receipt after receipt of funds via your donation form

- Show new and existing donors how their funds are utilized and the impact their giving makes on the world

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